Today a new post on our dutch hiking site. Have a look if you enjoy the outdoors. Hope to meet our hiking and outdoor peers from abroad on this channel more often. We will be posting on Mastodon from now on ... Cheers πŸ’₯

HIKER ONLINE is a christian Hiking & Outdoors community of men and women who have a passion for the outdoors and in particular hiking. We organize day- and multi-day hikes for men and women separately.

With our hikes we want to convey our enthusiasm for hiking and the 'outdoors' to others. We would love to meet other hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Join our online community below and use our free MASTODON social media platform to meet peers from all over the globe:

SWFFT SURVIVAL is our non-commercial initiative promoting hiking & outdoors activities. We believe SWFFT is essential for everyone who wants to fully enjoy the outdoors. It's a short abbreviation for:


So don't forget to take your SWFFT essentials with you on your adventures γ‹‘

Happy Hiking!

Hiker Online

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