The second edition of my dutch book 'A Christian Perspective on the Digital Age' is out. Download it for FREE here ...

Last month we had the opportunity to end our Italy trip in Bari by car. We did some hiking however in France and in Zwitzerland. Lord willing, the next journey will begin with the crossing by ferry from Bari to Durrës in Albania ...

Dear friends,

In the past months I have asked myself the question if it would be wise to continue with this website. A lot has happened since my last blog post in January.

In a few months the world has turned into a battlefield. We see polarized societies where Western governments roll out their policies without regard to their democratic foundations.


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If we choose not to be vaccinated and wish to use other Covid-19 medicines on the market will we be excluded from certain rights?

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'Avoid restrictions against those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination'

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